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Our design work is customized to the individual client. Our twenty years’ experience has taught us that each customer is different and each site is unique. Our design process is set up to bring out those personal touches that take an ordinary project and make it extraordinary.  The quality of our construction work is unsurpassed.   The owner inspects every job while it is being built and it isn’t considered done until he/she says it is.

Landscape Renovation


There are two kinds: upgrading the builder’s landscape and renovating an old one. Did you buy that million dollar home only to have the builder put in a thousand dollar landscape? Or do you live in an old house with overgrown shrubs blocking the windows, no color, and an entertaining area built in the 70’s? Well, it’s time for an upgrade. With a few simple strategies, we can greatly improve the appearance and functionality of almost any kind of property.

Perennial Gardens


Imagine attracting butterflies, bees, birds, and dragon flies all summer long. Perennial gardens are now designed for more than just color. We can install a garden to attract any kind of pollinator. Gardens designed specifically for migratory birds, helping the bee population, or providing habitat for butterflies. Best of all, they can be combined to include all of the above. And to top it all off, they come with cards that explain the garden and illustrate the pollinators you should expect to see.

Seasonal Color


Seasonal color adds more charm to your garden. Our plant selection of perennials and annuals can increase your garden's character. It can also attract pollinators which help sustain the plants.



A great hardscape makes outdoor entertaining more enjoyable and increase the functionality of your landscape. Is the old concrete slab cracked or does the wood deck need a huge amount of maintenance? Then call us so we can update your scape. And these aren’t the old concrete pavers anymore. There are a million options: natural stone of all colors (not just bluestone anymore), seating walls, built in kitchens, lighting, and some form of flame to go with the water feature we install. The sky’s the limit when it comes to this aspect of your property.

Water Features

There are infinite ways to incorporate water into your landscape. Waterfalls and ponds are the largest option but reflecting pools and pond-less waterfalls can work just as well. Bubbling rocks and fountains will give you the sight and sound of water but subtly is the name of this game (The rocks are more for the natural garden and the fountain for the formal). Water walls and rills are the newest trend. Our favorite is a water course filled with pebbles on the sides and in between a stepper walkway. It gives you the feeling of walking on water. Of course, you can capture your rainwater and re-use it in the water feature for the sustainable benefits. But in the end, it’s the mental health benefits which water provides that make adding it to your garden such an appealing prospect.