Sustainable landscaping is not environmental activism. It’s a thought process; not a design style. The idea is to create a healthy landscape which reduces the amount of inputs (and money) needed to maintain your property over the long term.

Some Examples:

1. Plant the right plant in the right place.

This creates a landscape that has healthier plants which require less fertilizer, fuel, labor, mulch, water, and waste.

2. Capture and re-use rain water.

This reduces the amount of storm water entering the sewers and the potable water used in the landscape; a win-win.

3. Recycle and compost.

Keep as much green waste on-site by composting, leaving the grass clippings, and chopping up fall leaves and putting them into the gardens.

4. Increase the use of perennials.

Remove high maintenance turf and install low maintenance plants. This reduces the use of fertilizer, fuel, labor, mulch, water, and green waste.

5. Reduce the use of annuals.

This is a repetitive task and they require a lot of water, fertilizer and maintenance. Every landscape needs a pop of color but over doing it is no longer en vogue. Be sure to check out “The 6 Best Shrubs for Chicago Commercial Landscaping Projects.”

6. Install a vegetable garden.

Think about how much goes into getting a tomato from the farmers’ field to your table compared to the vegetable garden out back.

7. Hire Lupfer Landscaping.

We are a leader in the sustainable landscaping field and can help you burnish your green cred immediately.

Sustainable landscaping is easy to start and fun to pursue so call us now at (708) 442-2554 or contact us via email at for an estimate.