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Today’s extreme weather conditions have put unprecedented stresses on the plants. So we developed a program to combat these problems. It fights the pests that attack the trees and shrubs while giving the plants all the nutrients they need. We recommend starting with the basic package and then seeing what other services might fit with your property: mosquitoes, ants, moss, and even rabbits are manageable.



Our traditional fertilizing program is the "greenest" we can make it while still combating weeds. We use balanced formulations to ensure the grass is getting all the nutrients it needs. Each year, we apply 4 granular applications of time-release fertilizer to each property with an objective of maintaining all turf areas in a manner that will present healthy green lawns that are weed and pest free.

This service is included in our Full Service Maintenance Plan

Core Aeration


Core Aeration increases nutrients in the turf and prevents a build up of thatch. It is needed to decrease stress created by heavy foot traffic. Our crews maintain the health and beauty of a lawn.

This service is included in our Full Service Maintenance Plan


Grub Treatment


This treatment protects your lawn from grub, which leaves your grass looking unappealing and brown. Our grub treatment helps protects the grass roots and improves the beauty of your lawn. This option is just one of the ways you can upgrade your turf.

This service is included in our Full Service Maintenance Plan

Mosquito Control


We employ a liquid mosquito application which is sprayed on the turf and beds just like a herbicide application. (We make every effort to avoid spraying directly on flowers to help protect our pollinators.) It kills live mosquitoes and eggs, and there is very little residual chemical left in the soil.  We recommend 2-3 applications per summer. It's very effective! Read More About Our Mosquito Control