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 By now you have heard about the Bee Colony Collapse Epidemic and are wondering what can be done about it. The answer is to start your own hive. It’s much simpler and easier to do than you think. We can set you up with a living hive and all the equipment you need to get started. Or we can do all the maintenance for you. At the end of the year, there is no sweeter payoff than fresh honey from your own backyard.

Menu Gardens

menuThe Menu Garden is a joining together of our sustainable efforts and the farm-to-table concept and is gaining steam the more people hear about it. You can provide everything you need for an entire menu from you own property. If you install a vegetable garden, a pollinator garden, a water feature, a bee hive and a chicken coop; you will have a healthy oasis in the middle of the urban desert. And there is no more locally sourced product than one from your own back yard.

Chicken Coops


The trend of raising your own chickens is growing for a variety of reasons. It’s fun, easy, and inexpensive when compared to other pets. You get the freshest eggs that taste great & are super nutritious. Chickens also provide chemical-free bug and weed control (After all, they are eating the mosquitoes when they free-range). And their waste helps create the worlds best and most locally produced fertilizer. We can get you started with a coop and the chicks and let you take over or we can do everything; from the feeding to the cleaning up. All you have to do is enjoy the eggs.