We’ve all heard about how you only get once chance to make a first impression and real estate in no exception.  We’ve all heard about the ‘red door’ policy but if that door is behind some overgrown shrubs it won’t make a difference.

1. Clean up the front yard and plant some flowers

This is a simple idea but it’s amazing how few people actually do it. Add some mulch and you’re well on your way to getting that sale.

2. Re-landscape the front yard.

This is similar to the first piece of advice but is a step up: rip out the overgrown shrubs and install new ones, flower boxes and containers can add huge interest, and finally block any unpleasant views.

3. Stage your landscape

You put away the kids toys in the living room for a showing but not the ones in the back yard? Why?  Put them away.  And if all you have on top of the table is the chairs then you’ve really missed the boat.  Put out some nice place settings add a bottle of wine and some fruit and you’ve created a mood.

4. Dress up key views

Not everyone will notice the toys you left in the back yard but they will ALL look out the window over the kitchen sink. Re-do that area of the landscape.  If the view is of the neighbor’s garbage cans then add some screening shrubs.  If it’s a fence then soften it with an ornamental tree.  Plant an evergreen between you and your neighbor’s bedroom window.

5. Do some research

If most of your neighbors have an outdoor kitchen with a fire pit and you have an old Weber that you also use as a fire pit; it might be time to update your amenities to better fit in with your local markets demands.

First impressions are important and with the return on investment for landscaping projects around 100%, it only makes sense to do what you can to move that house.