Hands down, the hottest trend is the seed-to-plate movement.  It’s the next step in vegetable gardening.  You can provide your family with 100% organically grown food from spring to fall.  Why go to a farmers market when you can have your own right in the back yard?

People are doing things as small as a container for cherry tomatoes all the way to large scale production.  It all depends on your commitment level.  Plant with a purpose: salsa and pizza gardens are a popular example.  You don’t just plant a garden; you plant the menu for the party you’re going to have this summer.


From simple weekly care to custom designed and built food gardens, we work with you to create a personalized Smart Garden Plan, based on the produce your household likes to eat.


We’ll feed, weed, water, remove or plant new varieties, keeping your food garden looking good and staying healthy.  Our service is designed to give you choices about how little or how much you want to garden.


We can pick and clean your harvest each week, leaving a basket of the beautiful produce for eating fresh or cooking.  As each type of produce is harvested, you’ll get great recipes and tips for storing and preserving the food that is grown.

The seed-to-plate movement is more than gardening; it’s a lifestyle.