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Residential Maintenance Silver Award 15

This collaboration between our two companies had two challenges: the clients desire to replicate the landscape of their Miami home and the passing of their personal gardener.  The homeowner loved the tropical look and wanted to bring that feel to their Hinsdale home.  This influence guided the management and look of the property.  

Sadly, their personal gardener, who spent several days a week tending to the beds, unexpectedly passed away and her work had to be picked up during the rush of the spring. Only our best employees could replace the skilled touch of such a talented horticulturalist.The obstacle to meeting these challenges was the clients desire to not participate in the planning or to see (or hear) the work being performed.  “Worked alongside the client” does not apply to this job.  The scheduling of the crews depended on the travel schedule of the client.  Crew sizes, jobs performed, and machines used all varied and depended on when the client was in town or hosting an event.

The front of the house provides a grand entrance and introduces the seasonal planting display.  Traditional groundcovers were removed to allow for the color palette to be expanded throughout all of the beds.

Large annual displays accented with perennials achieved the effect desired.  Tropical species in the planning beds gave the look and feel the client was expecting.

The estate’s many other features made the job more complex.  The fountains, statuary, grill area, and seating arrangements all had to be kept in top condition.  The irrigation system was renovated to maximize the use of well water and timed to coincide with maintenance activities.

Containers, both large and small, were used extensively throughout the property in order to accomplish the clients stated goal: “Miami in the Midwest”.

This project was rewarding because the collaboration between the two companies made each one better.  Together, we were able to do something that neither of us would have been able to achieve on our own.