With so many landscape contractors out there, it’s difficult to know which are the good ones. That’s why we’ve created a list of things for you to look for when selecting one for your job. Spoiler alert: Lupfer Landscaping employs all of these as best practices. Just saying.

1.  Insurance

A high-quality firm should have general liability insurance, vehicular insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance. Under some circumstances, you could be liable for mishaps or accidents which occur on your property. Ask for a copy of the insurance certificate.

2.  Licenses

Ask if they have a pesticide applicator’s license for pesticide spraying, the appropriate local business licenses, and a Federal Tax ID Number (FEIN).  They should.

3.  Equipment

Check to see if they have well-maintained equipment, clean vehicles, and workers who are neat in appearance.

4.  CLT Certification

Inquire if the company has Certified Landscape Technicians (CLTs) on staff. CLTs are individuals who have passed a hands-on, standardized national examination.

5. Terms & Conditions

Get the contractor’s terms of payment and date(s) of completion in writing.

6.  Inclusions & Exclusions

Prior to authorizing any landscape construction, make certain you clearly understand what is — and is not — going to be done.

7.  Guarantees

Ask about guarantees: what is covered (what is not) and for how long. Many landscape contractors guarantee the plants and building materials they install.

8.  Physical Address

Make certain the company’s office address (not just a post office box) and phone number are on the document or contract and know the name of the representative or designer who will work with you. The points discussed above should be included.

If you’ve done all that, you’re sure to be on the path to success.  Good luck!