Having trouble getting tenants to renew their leases?  Have lots of showing but few signings?   Can’t figure it out?  It might be the landscaping.

Here are some tips to increase occupancy rates that you might not have thought about.

1. Implement sustainable landscaping practices

Many companies are now very environmentally aware. You will have an advantage over your competition if you can offer tenants a Green Building.  It can be as simple as hiring the right landscaper.

2. Remove and replace overgrown shrubs

You’d be surprised how many sites have huge shrubs blocking the signs, front windows, and the entryways. You can barely see some of these businesses.  So: remove the biggest shrubs and replace with plants that will not grow over the sign, front windows, or the entryway.

3. Have the Greenest Grass on the Block

There are now methods to get the greenest grass on the block that won’t break the bank or destroy the environment: better watering strategies, sharp blades cutting higher, compost tea for the soil, core aerate, and leaving the clippings when possible. Add a professional stripping kit and your grass will look like an athletic field.

4. Find a spot for vegetable gardening

Companies and employees who are invested in a vegetable garden will be less likely to leave. No matter the site, you can always find a spot to do something: from a full blown production garden down to a single cherry tomato plant in a container.  IT creates buy-in thereby increasing loyalty.

5. Outdoor seating in the shade

If at all possible, provide seating in the shade for employees of your tenants to use for breaks. Again, it’s all a matter of scale but ‘getting outside and taking a break’ is huge for employee morale and provides a benefit your competitors might not have.