Allergies are the worst. Even more so when they prevent you from smelling the flowers, literally. But not all flowers and trees will trip your allergies.


These beauties are idea as they are free of airborne pollen and they don’t lack any of the vibrant colors and fullness desired for gardens.


Not only are these flowers stunning they offer the double benefit of being pollen free and perennials. You can enjoy their beauty again and again without annoying allergic reactions.


Tea roses in particular are an hybrid that will release any pollen. While it’s not as fragrant as those you’d find in a rose bush, just enjoying their beauty is worth losing the fragrance.

Babies Breath

These little beauties are used most commonly as fillers for flower arrangements. The bad news is that they are also full of pollen and should be avoided. The good news is that there is a double flowered variety that gives you the same beauty without the pollen.

We do hope these flowers bring a bit of beauty to your garden. If you really want to get going and aren’t sure which flowers are best for your garden, feel free to reach out to one of our expert staff members here are Lupfer.